About Us

Indonesia Medical Transport is a specialist of air evacuation in Indonesia with the highest quality care aboard and experienced in handle critical patient conditions. Our Flight Coordinators and medical team members with arrange and handle everything from Bedside to Bedside to ensure that the patents continuity of care is maintained.

If you have a family who need medical transportation, we are pleased to advice you to contact our 24 hours help line number at +62-81-558 221 221, our medical staff in-charge will advice you what is the best option for medical transport required for transferring the patient.

The mode of transport it could be on regular air craft (commercial flight), Helicopter, or air Ambulance service.

If patient on critical care, Air ambulance transport is the fastest method of transporting critically ill patients from one facility to another, or to bring them closer to loved ones. This is particularly important for international air ambulance transports, when it is necessary to fly a patient long distances with the assistance of qualified medical staff.

However if patient conditions stable and they are not in ICU observation, the commercial stretcher or commercial seating are the best option for transporting the patient.